The Law Enforcement Academy offers two courses: Basic Peace Officer Certification, and Basic Tele-Communicators Certification Course (dispatcher).

The Basic Peace Officer Certification course includes 772 hours of training in a variety of areas. Students are educated in law, cultural diversity, defensive tactics, emergency medical techniques, firearms, traffic enforcement, patrol tactics, and physical training. The courses is offered twice a year.

The Basic Tele-Communicators Certification Course (dispatcher) includes 160 hours of training that prepares the beginning Tele-Communicator with an understanding of situations encountered in an emergency communications environment and the basic skills necessary to collect information in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The courses is offered twice a year.

Upon successful completion of the programs, students are eligible to take the TCOLE state licensing examination administered at McLennan Community College.

Law Enforcement Academy:
January-June and July-November

The Basic Tele-communicators Certification Course:
April-May and September-October

APPLICATIONS: Due to the extensive application process for these courses, applications are available four months prior to the course start date.