Nursing Facility Administration

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Since the early 1970's, McLennan Community College has been preparing persons for licensure as nursing facility administrators in Texas. Based on revisions that took effect on January 1, 2000, the four requirements for licensure in Texas are listed below along with discussion of how the M.C.C. program addresses each requirement.

  1. Since 1987, the State of Texas has required each prospective administrator to complete a Bachelor's degree. M.C.C., as a two-year college, does not offer such a degree. However, the academic courses provided by M.C.C. are transferable to four-year institutions. The M.C.C. model is also open to persons who have completed a Bachelor's degree and need only to address the coursework required for licensing.
  2. The topics of study identified by the National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB) must be addressed as part of, or in addition to, a Bachelor's degree. M.C.C. offers five academic courses that address these topics. Introduction to Long-Term Care Administration (LTCA 1311) and Organization and Management of Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCA 1313)are offered each Fall semester. Long-Term Care Law (LTCA 2314) and Financial Management of a Long-Term Care Facility (LTCA 2315) are offered each Spring.Resident Care in the LTC Facility (LTCA 1312) is offered each Summer. All academic courses are worth three semester hours of college credit. Completion of these five academic courses establishes eligibility for certification as an Assisted Living Facility Manager.
  3. In addition to the academic program, a supervised internship of no less than 1000 hours is required by the State. M.C.C. offers two options to reach this goal. Option I (LTCA 2489) is an internship repeatable for up to three semesters with each semester requiring a total of 336 hours of field and seminar work. Option II (LTCA 2689)is a two-part internship with each part requiring a total of 504 hours of field and seminar work. The student selects which internship option is best of them after consultation with the program advisor. Both the internship site and the supervision administrator must be certain requirements. The internships are not required for the Assisted Living Facility Manager certification.
  4. Once all educational and internship requirements are met, the student is eligible for testing by the State of Texas. The two-part test available on-line or is offered in hardcopy four times each year in Austin.