Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2024

MCC to Operate Remotely Monday, April 8, 2024

Waco and the MCC campus are in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse occurring on Monday, April 8. The event is expected to bring large numbers of visitors to the area, and the College’s Leadership Team has announced that the College will be operating remotely that day.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • This does not mean the College is closed.
  • All campus services and offices will be available virtually.
  • All campus buildings will be locked, and students are advised not to come to campus.
  • Online classes will continue as usual.
  • Face-to-face classes will be held in an online or virtual format. Each professor will inform their classes in advance of the procedure and assignments for the day. If you have questions, please contact your professor.
  • Regular operations will resume on Tuesday, April 9.

Contact Us

MCC representatives will be checking the following email addresses throughout the day.

  • General information
  • Enrollment
  • Registration

  • Residency status
  • Admission application
  • Bacterial meningitis vaccination
  • MCC's receipt of transcripts
  • College course credits

  • Transcript requests
  • Enrollment verification
  • Graduation
  • Diplomas
  • Withdrawing from courses

  • Verification
  • Missing documents
  • Financial aid suspension
  • Suspension appeals
  • General financial aid information

For Faculty and Staff

Due to the magnitude of this event, we have determined that it is best to operate remotely on April 8, 2024. This is similar to what others in the area will be doing. This means the following:

  • Campus buildings will be locked.
  • Regular online classes continue to meet as usual.
  • Face-to-face classes attempt to continue by transitioning to an online modality or may be cancelled if necessary. Faculty are responsible for communicating with their students about the status of their classes and are asked to be flexible with attendance.
  • All services and offices remain open virtually and employees who can do so should work remotely, except for employees who work in identified required service operations. Required services are those designated by the president or a vice president and are generally defined as critical services required to maintain operations for MCC, and support the physical operations or safety of the College. Employees who do not work in required service operations should not report for on campus in-person work.
  • General financial aid information.
  • Those employees who normally are not able to work remotely and do not work in a required service operation should complete tasks or professional development as assigned by their supervisor during regular work hours.

Additional Resources

For additional information, please visit the Great American Eclipse website.