Online W-2

To view your W-2 Form online:

  • Go to the McLennan Community College homepage at
  • Click on Web Advisor.
  • Log in to Web Advisor.
    (User ID) or username:
    The first initial of your first name, the first initial of your last name, and your seven-digit MCC ID number (lower case)
    Example: Jane Doe (MCC ID 0128043) would be jd0128043
    (PIN) or password:
    If you are logging into Web Advisor for the first time, use the first initial of your first name and the first initial of your last name and your six-digit date of birth (without dashes, slashes, or spaces.)
    Please note that you will be required to change your password.
    Example: January 25, 1978 would be jd012578
  • Click on the Employees link.
  • Under the Employee Profile section, click on Tax Information.
  • From here, you may choose to receive your W-2 in electronic format or to withhold your consent by clicking on Change Preferences. Employees can return to this section and change their consent at any time. Click SAVE. You will be returned to the Tax Information section.
  • From here, you may choose to view your W-2 Form.
  • You may print the W-2 Form in a PDF The W-2 form – Copy B, C and two copies of Copy 2 data are all displayed or printed together as a single IRS compliant PDF document followed by one page of standard IRS instructions. You may print this document on plain 8.5” x 11” paper. You may also print your W-2 on plain, pre-perforated paper. If your printer will print on two sides, the data can be provided on the front and back of one page.


Click here to download the tutorial.