Integrated Reading & Writing (INRW)

Reading and Writing are now integrated into just two developmental courses: INRW 0301 and INRW 0302. Both are designed to improve students’ literacy skills, which in turn lead to success in all courses requiring college-level reading and writing. Each course includes an online writing lab.  Additionally, enrollment in INRW 0302 requires concurrent enrollment in ENGL 1301: Freshman Composition I.  Upon successful completion of both INRW 0302 and ENGL 1301, students are well prepared for college-level coursework.

Writing Support, Tutoring, and More

MCC’s Academic Support & Tutoring (AST) in the Learning Commons assists students with academic support including writing and essay help, support for English courses, Integrated Reading & Writing, and more. AST has tutors and content staff to help with almost every academic course at MCC, especially English courses, papers, and projects, all services free.