Highlander Ambassadors

Faculty/Staff-Driven Outreach Program

The SEM Admissions & Marketing subcommittee determined that faculty and staff are interested in communicating their students’ and their own testimonials in order to “tell MCC’s story”, contributing to the communication of a consistent brand in order to build more community awareness, and engage in recruiting efforts to build our enrollment.

By empowering employees with a consistent “elevator speech”, the tools and platforms available to communicate our messaging, and the opportunity to assist prospective students through the registration process, a faculty and staff-driven outreach program will provide invested and dedicated employees with the opportunity to grow their support for the College with one unified voice and strategic plan.

Goal of Recommendation: To increase enrollment by leveraging interactions and developing relationships between prospective students and all MCC faculty and staff.

Levels of Participation and Commitment for Participants
Initially, the subcommittee proposes three levels of participation and commitment for participants.

  • Level One: Attend brand training designed to educate on tools and specific MCC messaging
    • Clarify current uniform branding and messaging
    • Demonstrate how to promote MCC during daily interactions (i.e. Word-of-mouth, special media, speaking engagements, recruiting events, etc.)
    • Encourage participants to continue to level 2 or 3
    • Success Measures: 95% participation from all employees
  • Level Two: Commit to participating in annual call campaigns
    • Marketing and Admissions staff will identify prospective students for call campaigns at least twice annually
    • Volunteers will receive a basic script, a list of prospective students, and their contact information along with instructions for tracking the interactions and feedback received
    • Success Measures: Number of employees participating and number of students contacted as well as how many prospective students registered and how many current students were retained.
  • Level Three: Provide new/prospective students with a reach out to assist them through the enrollment and college process to increase engagement, enrollment, and retention.
    • The enrollment and registration process can often be confusing and intimidating for a student, but this program will provide students with an expert they know they can connect with to provide guidance through the process.
    • Commit to offer support to a small number of prospective students
    • Engage with the assigned student(s) at the comfort level of the student (email, in-person, call, text, etc.).
    • Extend the program to students who may be connected with a faculty/staff member during New Student Orientation for retention purposes.
    • Success Measures: Number of prospective students contacted and how many applied and registered for classes

Conversion Rates of Students: By tracking the enrollment rate at which prospective students were contacted through the program, we can identify the most successful types of interactions and determine the strategies that are most effective to maintain.

For more information, contact Co-chairs, Karen Clark (kclark@mclennan.edu) or Lisa Elliott (lelliott@mclennan.edu).