Application & Scoring Criteria

Notice: The McLennan Community College Occupational Therapy Program will accept applications for the Fall 2023 class beginning January 3, 2023. Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an information session and to meet with a program advisor. 

The application deadline is June 1, 2023 for the Fall 2023 cohort. 

OTA Application Packet

Application Scoring Criteria

Notice Meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee acceptance to the program

All applicants must be TSI complete before applying. If an applicant has completed 12 or more semester hours from the OTA curriculum, it is not necessary to take the ACT test. ACT scores will only be considered for applicants with fewer than 12 hours.


A. Prerequisite and Co-requisite Grade Point Average
(GPA x 10)

B. Credit Hours Successfully Completed from the 7 OTA Academic Prerequisite and Co-Requisite Courses

22 hours = 10 points
18-19 hours = 8 points
15-17 hours = 6 points

C. Anatomy & Physiology Courses Completed (maximum of 15 points)

BIOL 2401 (A&P I) with a grade of A (1st attempt) = 10 points
BIOL 2401 (A&P I) with a grade of B (1st attempt) = 8 points
BIOL 2402 (A&P II) with a grade of A (1st attempt) = 5 points
BIOL 2402 (A&P II) with a grade of B (1st attempt) = 3 points

Note: If you had to retake A&P I and/or II because they were more than 5 years old, then the retake will count as a 1st attempt. This rule ONLY applies to A&P courses being retaken because they were too old at the time of application. No points are awarded for grades of "C" or below.

D. Basic Workplace Skills Assessment Forms (up to 10 points each)
Two forms required. (Note: A "do not recommend" rating will result in a score of zero points.)

E. OTA General Information Session Attendance Form (2 points)

F. Two points will be deducted from the total application score for each additional prerequisite/corequisite attempt to receive a higher grade.

Total Points Possible: 87 points