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Professors can communicate exam dates and requirements to Testing Services by completing a test submission form through RegisterBlast. The test does not need to be finalized when you make a submission, but please note that paper exams and any supporting documents need to be uploaded 24-business hours prior to the exam start date. Professors are encouraged to submit all of their exams at the beginning of the term. Otherwise, submissions are accepted if they are made at least 48-business hours in advance of the exam start date and there is seat availability. Once your submission is approved, the test will become available for the student(s) to schedule appointments through RegisterBlast. Instructional exam services for all courses are designed to assist with individual student's make-up exams and students with accommodations.

How to Submit an Exam Request:

Step 1: Sign-in to RegisterBlast's Professor Portal using your MCC credentials. (Having problems signing in, please email If you are new and do not have a Professor Portal, contact Testing Services at
Step 2: Create your exam submission(s).
Step 3: Testing Services reviews exam submission(s) and provides confirmation once the submission(s) has been approved and becomes available for student registration. This could take up to 24-business hours.
Step 4: After receipt of confirmation, professors should notify the student(s) when and how to register for their exam(s).

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How Professors Submit an Exam Request