Plato Learning

McLennan Community College offers free online tutorials to assist learners in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines, including test preparation. Students can access the tutorials online at any time and at their own pace at

All TSI, HESI, TEAS, ACT/SAT test prep and self-study courses are available through Plato Learning.

To self-enroll, you may need to create an account then use the codes and passwords provided. Click here for Plato Self-Enroll Instructions.

Note: Class codes and passwords are listed first with in-depth instructions beginning on Page 3.

After you create a Plato account and personalized password, you will always use mcc9 as the account log in. When you begin a Course Unit, please think of the Unit Pretest as a diagnostic assessment. Plato uses your Unit Pretest score to assign your tutorial modules.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems setting up an account, accessing a previous account, or enrolling in a course, please call 254-299-8500 or email