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Peer tutors are waiting to assist MCC and Univeristy Center students for free.Free tutoring services are available to all McLennan, University Center, Adult Education, and High School Pathways students. Upswing tutors are available for scheduling 24/7.

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For immediate academic support, students can set an appointment with a tutor in-person or online via Upswing, call, email, or visit our campus locations.


Phone: (254) 299-8500
Location: Learning Technology Center


AST strives to have tutoring available for all core subjects during open hours. Tutoring in specialized subjects is available based on a tutors’ schedules. Please log into Upswing for further information.

  1. Use the QR code above, click on the following link, or use the Upswing button in Brightspace:
  2. Enter your student username and password
    Your username is first name initial, last name initial and full 7 digit MCC ID.
    Example: Jane Doe - MCC ID# 1234567
    Username: jd1234567
    Your password is the same as it is for your student email account and WebAdvisor.
  3. Click on the “Meet with a Tutor” button.
  4. Search by Subject or Tutor.
  5. Use the “Schedule” Button under a tutor’s name to schedule for now later or the “Get Tutored Now” button if a tutor is currently available

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