Human Services & Education

Mission Statement

The Human Services & Education Programs' mission is to meet the educational and community needs by providing quality educational opportunities in the professions defined by the College as human services that maximize resources, training opportunities and commitment to students, employers and civic organizations throughout our service area.


Meeting the needs of people in our diverse society calls for professionals with a willingness to serve and the skills to help everyone achieve their full potential. If you work well with people, enjoy a challenge and have the desire to serve, the Human Services & Education Programs at McLennan offer you opportunities in several fields that will continue to grow as our world becomes increasingly complex.

Guided by excellent teachers, you will blend challenging course work with practical internships in the field. But the rewards are great. You will be well-prepared to succeed in your chosen field and find employment when you are ready to move into the workforce.

Human Services at McLennan also offers additional programs in the following areas:

For more information

Contact Joe Arrington, Division Chair, Human Services & Education at 299-8706 or e-mail:
He is located in the Community Services Center (CSC), E129B.