Application Process & Admission Requirements

Entrance requirements for the Cosmetology Basic Operator or Esthetician program at McLennan Community College:

  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent (state mandated).
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Apply to MCC.
  • Optional: Apply for Financial Aid.
  • Apply to the Cosmetology Basic Operator or Esthetician program. Applications are available in the Cosmetology department (not online) at 4601 North 19th Street, Community Services Center (CSC), Building B.
    For further directions, call 254-299-8701.
  • Take Reading Assessment Test through the Cosmetology department (test dates and times will be sent via email).
    • There is no charge for the Reading Assessment Test.
    • No TSI is required for admittance into these programs.

Upon acceptance into the program students must:

  • Submit transcripts from all previous schools attended including high school and college.
  • Submit proof of Bacterial Meningitis Immunization.
  • Students will complete steps 1-4 ONLY on MCC’s Become A Student webpage.
  • Attend a mandatory information session (date and time will be sent via email).
  • For the Level I Certificate program, you are required to purchase a uniform.

McLennan’s Cosmetology programs have a 100% pass rate for both the Basic Operator and Esthetician program.