Special Circumstance Application

Special Circumstance Application Process

Use the PJ Advisor portal to expedite the financial aid Special Circumstance process. PJ Advisor is an accessible, intuitive tool that will guide you through the process to apply for a Special Circumstance re-evaluation of your financial aid. 

Application Deadlines

2023/24 Academic Year- 5/31/2024

2024/25 Academic Year- 5/31/2025

What Happens Next?

Start your Special Circumstance application by accessing PJ Advisor at:

2023/24- https://inceptia.org/pjadvisor/MCC2024
2024/25- Coming Soon

You (or a parent, spouse, or legal guardian) will need to do the following*:

  • Create a secure user name and
  • Select your dependency status as reported on the
  • Answer the pre-screening questions and select your appeal
  • Explain your situation in detail, upload supporting documentation, and
  • Print, sign, and upload the signature

Upon receipt of all required documents, the McLennan Community College Financial Aid Office will conduct a preliminary review to ensure the submission is accurate and complete. You will be notified via email if there are any questions or if any additional documentation is required. Once the submission is verified as complete, the Financial Aid Office will review for final determination and contact you with the results.


If you have any questions about the Special Circumstance process, please contact financial_aid@mclennan.edu.

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