Environmental Sustainability Grants

MCC and University Partner students are encouraged to apply for a sustainability grant through the MCC Sustainability Committee if they have a project idea to implement on campus that can further the mission purpose of the sustainability committee.

An individual or group of students can apply for up to $500 in funds to carry out their project. The project, in order to be selected for funding:

  • Must address environmental sustainability goals on campus
  • Must have a concrete plan for implementation 
  • Be completed during the long semester in which the project is awarded. 

Each awarded grant project will be assigned a faculty/staff sponsor from the Sustainability Committee to help oversee and assist with the project. Projects will be selected based on the merit of the project AND the merit of the project lead. 

This application will have a rolling deadline.  Grant proposals are due by the first day of each month for any month during a long semester (Fall and Spring)  in which class extends through the end of the month (i.e. Applications would be due August 1 since class extends through the end of August, but no applications would be accepted after April 1 since May does not hold class through the end of the month). More details and guidelines are provided in the Sustainability Grant Application.

Interested students should complete the Sustainability Grant Application, a Faculty/Staff Evaluation Form, and a Proposed Budget; these items should be submitted to sustainability@mclennan.edu for consideration by the committee.