Admission Process & Criteria

Application Deadline for Fall 2024: July 15, 2024

Prospective students should be advised by a Health Professions Pathway advisor or the MLT program director.

To apply to the MLT program, a student must:

  1. Submit an application to McLennan Community College if you are not already a current student.

  2. Complete the required academics (28 semester hours) with a grade of C or better in each course. Science courses should be no more than five years old at the time of application to the program. The required academics make up the first year of the Associate of Applied Science degree plan and include the following courses:

    Academic courses

    Semester 1

    • ENGL 1301 Composition I

    • BIOL 2401 Anatomy & Physiology I

    • CHEM 1405 Introductory Chemistry I

    • PSYC 2301 General Psychology

    Semester 2

    • BIOL 2402 Anatomy &
      Physiology II

    • SPCH 1311 Introduction to Speech Communication, or SPCH 1315 Public Speaking, or SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication

    • BIOL 2420 Microbiology for
      Non-Science Majors

    • MATH 1314 College Algebra or MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods

  3. Submit an MLT Application to the Program Director. Include copies of all transcripts and submit official transcripts to the college.

Please note: Medical Lab Technician courses begin in the fall semester. If you are taking academic courses during Summer I, you must submit updated transcripts to the program director before the application deadline.

Admission Criteria

Applicants are admitted to the program based on the following ranking system until the enrollment limit has been reached. A maximum of 50 points will be awarded according to the following criteria:

  • Grade Point Average – (GPA X 10 = points)

  • Completion of BIOL 2401, BIOL 2402, CHEM 1405, and BIOL 2420 – 2 points for a grade of A, 1 point for a grade of B (see note below)

  • Completion of High School Health Science Program – 1 point

  • Prior U.S. Military Service (documented, honorable discharge) – 1 point 

Please note: Science points are only awarded for grades earned on the initial attempt of the course. If you are repeating a science course because it was more than five years old, the retake will count as your first attempt. This rule applies only to the science courses being retaken because they were too old at the time of application. No points are awarded for grades of C or below.

Meeting the criteria does not guarantee acceptance to the program. Applicants will be notified by mail concerning the status of acceptance into the MLT program. Applicants for the MLT program must be TSI complete in reading, writing, and math by the application deadline for admission consideration.