• Eligibility Requirements

    Are you qualified?

    Academic, AAS Degree,
    Level 2 Certificate
    Level 1 Certificate
    (Workforce Courses)
    Dual Credit/ECHS - Fall, 9th Grade

    Grade 11 for Early Admission

    Dual Credit/ECHS - Fall, 9th Grade

    Grade 11 for Early Admission

    80+ overall high school GPA Recommended: 75+ overall high school GPA
    Passing score/exemption/waiver for TSI reading Recommended: TSI reading score 347
    Passing TSI writing or math score/exemption/waiver if required for the desired course(s) Special program/course requirements must be met
    Meet any requirements set by the high school Meet any requirements set by the high school

    To continue the program, students must:

    • Maintain a 2.0 college GPA after completing 6 semester credit hours
    • Accumulate no more than 2 withdrawals on the college transcript.

    Students should also:

    • Read and agree to abide by the general conduct, departmental and academic policies of MCLENNAN as outlined in the Highlander Guide and the MCLENNAN General Catalog.
    • Consult with the high school counselor before withdrawing from any college course.
    • Consult with a college advisor to determine how transferred courses will apply to a college degree plan.
  • Program Levels

    Which type of High School Pathways student are you?

    LEVEL 1: Transfer Block

    • Transfer Block is designed for students planning to attend or transfer to a Texas public college/university for an AA, AS or bachelor's degree.
    • Courses within the block may be taken without college advising; however, students should check the future core curriculum/degree plan and/or contact a college advisor to verify course transfer.
    • Course maximum in the block is 15 credit hours.
    Select any/all of these courses: Select no more than 1 of these courses:
    HIST 1301 ARTS 1301
    HIST 1302 DRAM 1310
    ENGL 1301 MUSI 1306
    ENGL 1302  
    GOVT 2305 Select no more than 1 of these courses*:
    GOVT 2306 ECON 2301
      PSYC 2301
    Future full-time McLennan students: SOCI 1301
    PSYC/EDUC 1300 *Some college degree plans require one specific course from this category. Students should check the future college degree plan or seek college advising voluntarily.

    LEVEL 2: Pathways

    • Level 2 includes students surpassing 15 credit hours on the college transcript OR students enrolling in courses outside of the Transfer Block.
    • College advising is required each semester for Level 2 students. Contact 254-299-8937 or for an appointment.
    • Students will select an MCC program/major.
    • PSYC/EDUC 1100 or 1300 is recommended if the student plans to attend McLennan after high school graduation or earn a McLennan degree.
    • Career planning is recommended. Contact Career Services at 254-299-8614.
  • Financial Aid Implications

    Students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid while enrolled in high school. However, because they are recorded on the college transcript, grades earned for college courses taken while in high school can impact a student's future financial aid.

    Satisfactory Progress: After completing high school, students must meet a college's satisfactory progress standards to remain eligible for financial aid. McLennan's policy requires students to maintain a 2.0 or higher college GPA and complete 67 percent or more of course work.

    • College grades earned while in high school do affect college GPA.
    • College courses for which students earn an F, an I (incomplete) or a W (withdrawn after course census date) will count as non-completed courses.
    • The Satisfactory Progress Policy applies to all courses, whether financial aid was awarded for those courses or not.

    Maximum Time Frame: After completing high school, students receiving financial aid are expected to complete their educational objective or course of study within a reasonable time frame.

    • The maximum time frame under current regulation is 150 percent of the published length of the academic program or certificate.
    • This will include all undergraduate hours attempted (including all transfer credit hours).
    • Eligibility is lost beyond this limit.

    Repeated Course Rule: After completing high school, students are limited to one retake of a course if they have made a passing grade. Financial aid will not be awarded for a course after the passing grade and one retake.

    • A student who made an F and a D for a course cannot receive financial aid to take the course a third time.
    • If the first two (or more) attempts are withdrawals or failures, students can retake the course until they make a D or better grade, assuming they continue to make satisfactory progress.