Math Help

Math Lab

The MCC Math Lab offers free walk-in tutoring, copies of textbooks for in-lab use, and assistance with MyMathLab. Check their website for current hours and other services available to students.


Calculator Help

  • Depending on your calculator brand and style, you can usually Google the problem and the brand for many solutions to different topics.
  • The "Tools for Success" tab in your MyMathLab course may have a graphing calculator reference card and graphing calculator help. Both of these links will be geared toward TI graphing calculators.
  • Calculator Apps
    • There are several free apps available for both Android and iPhones. Be sure to check which app runs on the appropriate device.
    • Desmos is a free online (and mobile) calculator app similar to the TI graphing calculator.

Learning Support

Students have several options for math related tutoring:

  • Math Lab - Walk-in tutoring is available for free during operating hours.
  • Academic Support and Tutoring - Free walk-in tutoring as well as semester-long, one-on-one tutoring is available during operating hours. Several other options for help can also be found on the AST website.
  • Your professor is available during office hours for additional help outside of the classroom. Some professors even offer virtual office hours during different times of the day (and possibly also by appointment) if you are unable to come to campus.
  • Websites like YouTube and Khan Academy have many helpful videos that can help you better understand the material in your math class.