What Math Class Do I Need?

This can be a tough question, but it is important that this question is answered correctly so that you don't waste your time and money. Speaking with an advisor is the best way to determine which math class you need to register for, but it's helpful to have an understanding of your situation before you have that conversation. Here are some questions you can try to answer before meeting with an advisor.

Am I exempt from TSI requirements?

TSI stands for the Texas Success Initiative, which sets requirements for reading, mathematics and writing that students must meet in order to begin taking college-level classes. This is done by taking the TSI Assessment, a test that determines what kinds of classes you are ready to take. It is possible to be exempt from the TSI Assessment. If any of these TSI exemptions apply to you, then you are exempt from TSI requirements and can begin choosing the math class that's right for you.

How do I take the TSI Assessment?

Taking the TSI Assessment can be done through McLennan's Testing Center. The Testing Center website contains all of the information you need, including a practice activity to help you get ready for the test.

What does the TSI Assessment score tell me?

The score on the TSI assessment will tell you if you require developmental courses that will help you prepare for college-level math courses. A score of 350 or higher indicates you are ready for a college-level math course.

Scores 349 and below may indicate that you will need a developmental math course. Depending on your TSI score and the academic pathway you choose (STEM or non-STEM), this will indicate if you need a standalone developmental course or a developmental course linked to a college-level math course.

What if my TSI score is very close to passing?

We offer special Non Course-Based Math (NCBM) assistance for students who are very close to passing the TSI assessment and may not need a full developmental course. This assistance is paired with a college-level course and is individualized based on the student's needs in conjunction with the student's math instructor. This may involve specialized tutoring, additional study materials, and/or computer-assisted instruction.

Can I test out of higher-level classes or get college credit for these courses?

MCC offers options for testing out of higher-level classes or getting college credit through the Testing Center. You can visit the Testing Center website for more information on these available options.

How do I know what kind of math classes I should be taking?

While the information on this page will help you, it isn't a replacement for advising. Always consult with an advisor when choosing your classes to ensure that you're on the right path!