PD Day

Professional Development Day:

  1. Purpose:  The Leadership Team recognizes the importance of professional development for all employees and have designated a professional development day once each long semester to serve the entire campus.  All college operations close down at noon to allow employees the opportunity to participate in the training.  The campus PD Day focuses on the following:
    1. Expand on a topic of interest to the whole campus that promotes the college’s mission, strategic goals and/or values;
    2. Provide topics of interest to all employees, both faculty and staff;
    3. Present topics that will edify and inform employees in how to better manage their work and professional lives; and
    4. Promote innovation and creative opportunities and dialogue for the campus community.
  2. Process:
  • Theme and session selection and approval
    • The theme for each semesters PD day is set by the Leadership Team based on the recommendation of the PD Committee.  Themes should align with areas of interest for the whole campus that align with our strategic goals and our college values.
    • The PD Committee will make recommendations on speaker(s) that aligns with the events theme to the Leadership Team.  Once approved, the PD Coordinator will contact the speaker(s) and work out the speaking arrangements.
    • The PD Committee works with the PD Coordinator to solicit sessions that align with the day’s theme.  The PD Office will send out a request for proposals to the campus that address the following:
      • Break-out sessions are 50 minutes long.
      • Break-out sessions must be PD Credit worthy (training classes), we are unable to offer Wellness classes on PD Day.
      • Break-out sessions should be applicable to either all employees, all faculty, or all staff.  
      • Break-out sessions should be in keeping with the day’s focus/theme. 
    • Potential presenters should provide the following information on their proposed topic:
      • Title
      • Summary of the presentation
      • Learning objectives
      • Presenter(s)
      • Alignment with the PD Day theme
      • Request for any additional technology or facility support
    • The PD Committee will review all proposals to ensure they meet the stated requirements and fit the PD Day theme.  The committee will then submit their final recommendations to the VP ISE for review and approval.
    • Once proposals are accepted, the presenter will be notified by the PD Coordinator and assigned their given session time and place at least three weeks before PD Day event.
  • PD Day Logistics
    • The PD Committee will assist the PD Coordinator in setting up and running the PD Day event.