Professional & Organizational Development

Professional and Organizational Development (POD) provides opportunities for McLennan Community College Faculty and staff to improve the effectiveness of instruction and the efficiency of all support programs. POD supports MCC's mission "to engage, educate, and enrich its community" while embracing the college values of Integrity, Excellence, People, Inclusiveness, and Communication. POD works with departments and committees across campus to offer a variety of opportunities such as professional development classes, workshops, and informational sessions. 

POD offers

  • Classes
  • Certificates
  • Funding

POD hosts two Professional Development Days and two Scholar Days throughout the academic year. 

POD facilitates the Great Teacher - Great College annual retreat in Belton, TX and the annual trip to the NISOD International Conference in Austin, TX.

For more information about Professional and Organizational Development, please contact Mikken Canham at