Spring 2021


MSRA Presence in High Traffic Areas and the Health Professions Building at MCC

Student: Hayden Durham
Instructors: Alisa Petree and John Seawright

Human Life: A Study of When Life Begins From a Scientific Perspective

Student: Jordan Voegeli
Instructor: Allison Ward-Moore, MD 

Criminal Justice

Transhumanism: Ideology of Tomorrow

Student: Cade Nunn
Instructor: Jarred Hankhouse


The Preservation and Conservation of Historical Sites

Student: Cade Pledger
Instructor: April Andreas

Engineering: Minimizing Construction's Effect on Traffic

Student: Sierra Sullwold
Instructor: Paulina Sidwell


How a Book and Texan Man Showcase Fascism Within The Criminal Justice System

Student: Luis Flores Mejia
Instructor: Jessica Zbeida

Faith vs. Profane in ‘good kid, m.A.A.d. city’

Student: Riley Mitchell
Instructor: Jeremy Land 

An Examination of K-12 Hair policy as it related to Native American oppression

Student: Vincent Crowson
Instructor: Jessica Zbeida


An Analysis of Wildfire Impacts on Climate Change: Video, PowerPoint, and PDF

Student: Taylor Gilson
Instructor: Dr. Elaine Fagner, P.G.


An Analysis of the Spanish Crown: Video and PDF 

Student: Victor Martinez
Instructor: Andrew Clayton

Health Care

Benefits of Hippotherapy for Cerebral Palsy

Student: Bailey Owen
Instructor: John Spano 


Words From the Female Confederacy: Analyzing the Effect of Location on Women’s Perceptions of the Civil War

Student: Madelyn Treat
Instructor: Jeremy Lehman


Review of CAS: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: Jesus Belleza-Hernandez
Instructor: Gail Illich

Calculus Explorations: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Ilyass Belaribia
Instructor: Gail Illich

Applying Calculus to an Oil Spill: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Logan Blackwell
Instructor: Gail Illich

Viewing Frustum and Culling: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: Raul Cartagena
Instructor: Gail Illich

Hyperbolic Functions: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Jaidyn Fontenette
Instructor: Gail Illich

Maximizing Profit in Business: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Larry Garcia
Instructor: Gail Illich

Calculating Fish Length: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: Jackson Helona
Instructor: Gail Illich

Arc Length Calculator: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Deven Hirsch
Instructor: Gail Illich

Interpolatory Quadratures: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: Victor Matinez-Gil
Instructor: Gail Illich

Mechanics and Calculus: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: Cristo Meleza
Instructor: Gail Illich

Simpsons Rule with Excel: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: John Patterson
Instructor: Gail Illich

Public Investment: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Ellison Rhodes
Instructor: Gail Illich

Suspension Bridges: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Karin Rodriguez
Instructor: Gail Illich

Exponential Change: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: Taylor Scalf
Instructor: Gail Illich

Vector Fields: Video and PowerPoint

Student: Jonathan Valdez
Instructor: Gail Illich

Exponential Change: Video and PowerPoint 

Student: McKennah Worthington
Instructor: Gail Illich


STD Prevention

Students: Alex Gum, Brand Lora, Camille Matta, and Araceli Varela
Instructor: Michele Groetzinger

Car Seat Safety 

Students: Brittany Anderson, Rebekah Hood, Enrique Mantos, and Sierra Smith
Instructor: Michele Groetzinger

Infant Nutrition

Students: John Braswell, Abraham Martinez, and Robin Paredex
Instructor: Michele Groetzinger


The Hypersexualization of Young Women due to Social Media Idealism

Student: Stephanie Mendoza
Instructor: Amy Antoninka


More Talk and Less Bickering: Vaccines

Student: Stephanie Davies
Instructor: Bill Lockhart


Costume Design and Construction

Student: Alyssa Garcia Del Solar
Instructor: Kathleen Laundy

Costume Design and Construction

Student: Jeff Rusco
Instructor: Kathleen Laundy