Using Sample Degree Plans

Creating a Timeline with Sample Degree Plans

  1. Sample Degree Plans are pre-sets that auto-populate a student’s timeline with courses from the selected degree plan. These will only be available for 2015 and later degree tracks.
    • NOTE: Add a student’s developmental courses and learning framework course prior to loading a “Sample Course Plan”. The system will work around the developmental courses that are already placed in the timeline.
  2. Navigate to the student’s “Progress” tab and select “Sample Course Plan”
    Sample Course Plan
  3. When prompted, select the semester in which you want the student to begin the plan, select the program which you wish to load, and choose “Preview Plan”.
    Plan Preview
  4. This will open a preview of the courses to be loaded, if you find the list beneficial to the student, select “Load”.
    Loading Preview of plan
  5. Returning to the “Timeline” tab will now allow you to view and edit the pre-loaded plan.
  6. When you are satisfied, approve, review, and archive the student’s plan using the process detailed above.