Responsible Employees

A responsible employee is any employee who has the authority to take action to redress sexual violence, who has been given the duty to report to appropriate school officials about incidents of sexual violence or any other misconduct by students, or who a student could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility.

The responsible employee should :

  1. warn the student of the employee’s obligation to report any information the student reveals to the Title IX coordinator,
  2. explain to the student his or her option to ask that the institution nonetheless consider maintaining the confidentiality of that information, but that the institution may not be able to guarantee confidentiality (more about this in a future post), and
  3. advise the student of the ability to instead share this information with counseling, advocacy, health, mental health or other sexual assault-related resources who are not obligated to report it to the Title IX coordinator.

Office of Civil Rights

While there are several people you can talk to, the employees listed under Reporting are specifically trained to assist you