Frequently Asked Questions

Tarleton State University

Texas Tech University

If you are enrolling at MCC, it is not too early to begin planning your transfer. In your first semester, explore majors and careers, perhaps with the help of MCC Career Services.

Check your university website for exact dates, but often applications open 9 months to 1 year prior to the semester you intend to begin classes. Check carefully for deadlines, and start your applications early!

  • MCC Advising: 254-299-8614; advise@mclennan.edu
  • Tarleton-Waco Advising: 254-299-8322; waco@tarleton.edu
  • Texas Tech-Waco Advising: 254-299-8324; ttuwaco@ttu.edu
  • Transfer Coaching (application assistance): 254-299-8882; transfer@mclennan.edu

Yes, partner schools will accept MCC courses in transfer. Although some core curriculum courses apply to most degrees, other course requirements may be specific to certain majors. Students should consult an academic advisor to select the best courses for a degree and to learn the limit on the number of credit hours a university will accept in transfer.

Class locations and times vary depending on the semester, the degree, and the university.

In-person classes offered by Tarleton-Waco and Texas Tech-Waco are offered on the MCC campus. Some of these courses are scheduled in the evening and on weekends to accommodate working adults.

Other partnership agreements are for fully online degrees or degrees that may be completed at the partner university campus.

Please log into your university's student enrollment system to obtain a copy of your course schedule.

Tarleton-Waco typically holds in-person classes on the second floor of the MCC Michaelis Academic Center.

Texas Tech-Waco typically holds in-person classes on the second floor of the MCC Michaelis Academic Center with some science courses scheduled in the MCC Science building.

Many courses for the degree programs offered through the University Center are offered online. In addition, several complete degrees are also offered online.

Please contact the Tarleton-Waco or Texas Tech-Waco main office for information on purchasing textbooks.

You'll only pay tuition to the school whose classes you are taking. And remember, financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Not exactly. Only one college is allowed to distribute financial aid to a student during a semester. If you enroll in two colleges simultaneously, only one of them will process and distribute your financial aid.

However, a consortium agreement, a financial aid contract between two schools, will allow you to seek financial aid based on your coursework at both schools. At MCC, you must request this agreement from the partner school, such as Tarleton-Waco or Texas Tech-Waco.

Since only the partner school will distribute your financial aid, you will pay out of pocket or set up a payment plan for MCC classes. Later, you will receive your financial aid refund from the partner school, which will reimburse you for those MCC expenses.

ID cards from Tarleton and Texas Tech may be obtained through their Waco offices, located in MCC's MAC building. ID cards from other University Center partners may be obtained by visiting those campuses.

You may purchase an MCC "courtesy card" for $1.00 in the Business Office (1st floor, Administration building). You may add money to the card to pay for use of campus copiers and printers, which do not accept cash.

MCC does not award bachelor degrees. Your degree will be awarded by the partner university.

Students who complete degrees through the University Center are encouraged to participate in the graduation ceremony at the home campus.

Courses are offered in a predictable sequence, so you can work with your academic advisor to plan completion of your bachelor's degree within a set number of semesters. University Center students earn degrees in two to five years, depending on the program.

Please refer to our contact Us (mclennan.edu).