Outstanding Student Awards


The Workforce Outstanding Student Awards are given to a student from a degree or certificate program who has demonstrated a high level of academic achievement or whose effort and commitment to improving is worthy of acknowledgment. Honorees are nominated and selected by the faculty and program directors of their respective programs.

Congratulations to the 2021 honorees!

Gregory Putnam
Fabion Luevano
Nancy Cruz
Alexis Aguilar
Lorraine Hopkins
Chianne Hensley
Claudia Guerrero
Kimberly Nors
Courtney Hess
Cassandra Prado
Maria Jimenez-Hernandez
Ana Vargas-Yanez
LaMarcus McDonald
Donald Wright

Child Development
Maria Rincon
Kyra White
Madelyn Flo

Computer Information Systems/Media/Cybersecurity
Madolyn Ortiz
Kenneth Cox
Jessica Buckner

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Matthew Williams
Kristin Harper
Shawna Blohm

Health Information Technology
Ruth Dutschmann
Kevin Hoskins

Health Professions/Nursing
Abraham Martinez
Amy Horne
Dallas Bell
Kathryn Johnson
Briceyda Ulloa
Makinsey Bolden
Claire Gerdes
Whitney Carrizales
Jennifer Anderson

Hospitality Management
London Snow

Mental Health/Social Work
Lisa Sale
Bonni Gibson
Kelsey Moseley
Norricia Speights
Chad McElwrath
Kathia Yanez-Martinez
Erica Smith

Music Industry Careers
Joshua Cunningham
Michael Wilder
Tysha Barksdale
Tysha Barksdale

Office Technology
Jacqueline Thurston Walker
Angelica Foss
Stephanie Cramer
Amber Sepulveda

Kristin K. Perkins
Justice F. Manthooth

Oscar Lagunas