Outstanding Student Awards


The Workforce Outstanding Student Awards are given to a student from a degree or certificate program who has demonstrated a high level of academic achievement or whose effort and commitment to improving is worthy of acknowledgment. Honorees are nominated and selected by the faculty and program directors of their respective programs.

Congratulations to the 2020 honorees!

Daphne Whiting
Corey Pharris
Pete Leyva
Mallory Cortinas
Lonnie Woody
Fabion Luevano
Krystal Mann
Jannette Barradas
Cassandra Prado
Maria Jimenez-Hernandez

Child Development
Lucy Shafer
Flor Sanchez
Nancy Reynoso

Computer Information Systems/Media
Malcolm Jones
Savanna Cabrera
Christopher Swanson
Khang Nguyen

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
Brooke Mohan
Kenneth Evan Logan
John Kerschner

Fire Academy
Zachary Seale

Health Information Technology
Rita Dominquez
Andrea Martinez

Health Professions
Ally B. Skinner
Paul Stanford
Kyndall Moran
Sofia Galvan

Hospitality Management
Corinne Hall

Medical Assistant
Michele Tovar-Portillo
Ashley Marie Putallaz

Mental Health/Social Work
Iris Washington
Amber Mabry
Ariel Pulido
Amber Whitley
Richard Roberts
Jarret Fox
Sophia Morales
Yvette Gully

Music Industry Careers
Taushey Sias

Office Technology Careers
Ana Avila
Tabatha Ruiz
Realeen Thompson
Linda Gutierrez

Nate Pierce

Veterinary Technology
Makaila Morris