Records Management

The Records Management Program was established and recognized by the Board of Trustees in response to a legal mandate (Local Government Records Act, Subchapter B Section 203.025) to establish a college-wide records management program.

Mission Statement

The purpose of records management is to establish a systematic program of controls for the retention of records to ensure the preservation and accessibility of college records in compliance with legal and regulatory agencies.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Records Management Program
  • Record Retention Schedules
  • Secure Destruction of College Records

McLennan’s Record Management Program is described in Policy E-XXX.

Records Retention/Control Schedule

A retention/control schedule is a document listing the records maintained by the College, their retention periods, and other records disposition information that the records management program may require.

The following are Texas State Library and Archives Commission retention schedules recognized by McLennan Community College, from which one can determine the retention schedule for a record.

Retention Schedule for Records of Elections and Voter Registration (Local Schedule EL)

  • Election Records
  • Candidacy and Campaign Finance
  • Voter Registration Records


Retention Schedule for Records Common to All Local Governments (Local Schedule GR)

  • Administrative Records
  • Financial Records
  • Personnel and Payroll
  • Support Services Records
  • Information Technology


Retention Schedule for Records of Public Junior Colleges (Local Schedule JC)

  • Admissions Records
  • Academic Records
  • Financial Aid Records
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Records
  • Accreditation Records
  • Financial Records
  • Personnel Records
  • General Education Development (GED) Testing Records
  • Miscellaneous Records and Reports
  • Library and Museum Records
  • Campus Security


Retention Schedule for Records of Public Safety Agencies (Local Schedule PS)

  • General Operations Records
  • Vehicles and Equipment Records
  • Personnel Records
  • Emergency Communications Records
  • Miscellaneous Records
  • Law Enforcement Records


Records Retention/Control: Questions and Answers

  • Question: What is a college record?

    All documents, papers, letters, books, maps, photographs, sound or video recordings, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic media, or other information recording media, regardless of physical form or characteristic and regardless of whether public access to it is open or restricted under the laws of the state, created or received by McLennan Community College or any of its officers or employees pursuant to law or in the transaction of public business are declared to be records of McLennan Community College.

  • Question: How long do I need to save duplicate copies or convenience copies?

    Generally, duplicate copies should be kept only as long as they have administrative value. Don't forget--check your computer. All duplicate copies must be erased. If the duplicate is not destroyed at the time the official record is destroyed, the duplicate becomes the official record. The result — the official record has not been destroyed and the College is not in compliance with the Schedule or the Local Government Code.

  • Records Retention Process

    Departments that have records that need to be retained based on the Records Retention/ Control Schedule should complete a Storage Box Transmittal Form for each box of records that need to be retained at the retention center. The Director of Records and Registration or designee will provide a number for each standard box. One category of records should be placed in each standard box. Completed Storage Box Transmittal Forms should be submitted to the Director of Records and Registration. The Director of Records and Registration will review the Storage Transmittal Forms and verify the retention and disposition dates. The Director of Records and Registration or designee will arrange for the records to be placed in the retention center.