For Faculty/Staff

How can we assist you?

Our goal is to provide students with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. One way we can accomplish that goal is by providing help to faculty and staff. Students benefit from faculty and staff who are equipped with everything they need, and we want to help you in whatever way we can. Here are a few of the ways that we can assist you. These ideas are only a few of the possibilities, and we welcome the chance to explore new methods of supporting McLennan's great faculty and staff.

Tutoring for your students
Faculty/staff referral
Online office hours
Instructional space for faculty use
Technology to use with your students

Tutoring for your students
Using peer tutors, we provide tutoring to individuals and groups for free and for every course offered at McLennan - including those through the University Center partners.

No eligibility requirements!
Academic Support and Tutoring (AST) serves as a catch-all for students' academic needs. No student should ever leave AST without having been helped, either directly or indirectly.

Tutoring Options:

  1. Academic Success Program (Semester Long)
    This semester-long program matches a student with a peer tutor to provide extensive tutoring for a course. The individualized tutoring allows for a combination of basic study skills, general academic knowledge, familiarity with course content, current tutoring theory, and guided support from both the tutoring program and course instructor.
    Prior to the initial tutoring session, the tutor will communicate with the tutee's instructor to ascertain specific information about the course and the instructor's advice or guidance concerning that tutee's tutoring.
    For example:
    A student applies for tutoring in ENGL 1302. A tutor is then found to work with that student. The tutor will be given the name of the tutee’s instructor. Then the tutor will contact the instructor in order to find out what information that instructor would like for the tutor to use, avoid, or emphasize.
    We encourage our tutors to continue communication with faculty to provide appropriate, accurate support while keeping the instructor involved the process.
  2. Technical Knowledge and Skills Tutoring
    Students often discover that they lack the technological knowledge or skills required to successfully complete a course. This program allows for students to overcome those deficiencies in either a one-time visit to address a specific issue, such as "How to save an attachment," or multiple visits to address a range of issues and bolster student confidence.
  3. Faculty/staff referral
    Faculty and staff can refer students to AST in an effort to provide each student with the skills, knowledge, or confidence necessary to successfully complete a course. Students who are referred to AST are not required to attend. However, AST can assist faculty and staff with additional contact, academic support, methods of study and resources while encouraging additional engagement and contact with the student.
    In addition to serving as a contact for student engagement and support, AST can supply faculty and staff with direct support by serving as a second classroom or as a teaching assistant. For example, an instructor leaving campus for a conference can supply AST with an assignment, exercise, lecture or activity that can be completed using AST's resources. Additionally, AST can direct students to resources, such as videos or presentations.

Each semester, Academic Support and Tutoring organizes and hosts workshops to help students with various academic and professional topics.

Some of the topics frequently scheduled as workshops are:

  • Resume Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

Online office hours
AST has technology available to faculty, staff and students to facilitate online communication and online office hours. Also, AST is available to train faculty, staff and students in using those tools to communicate with each other. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Instructional space for faculty use
Should you need a classroom to work with your students, come to AST. Our large study room is capable of holding large groups (around 20) and has the same technology found in most advanced classrooms on campus.

We are happy to share our resources with you. In fact, we are counting on it. Be sure to call ahead or reserve the room/space you need as early as possible to guarantee its availability.

Technology to use with your students

  • Livescribe Pen
    The Livescribe pen is a special ink pen that uses special paper to capture everything that is written or spoken. It is capable of transferring that information to a computer and then sharing the information in a variety of ways online. The pens are used extensively by our tutors to record each tutoring session. Contact us for a demonstration.
  • Interactive Smartboard Projectors
    Four of AST's study rooms are equipped with interactive Smartboard/projectors. These systems can be used to display images, videos, presentation, or other media, or, to interact in a more engaging way. Also, the device allows a user or group of users the opportunity to interact with the computer in a new and different way.


Contact us for more information.