• What is the cost of the MCC — ATC program?
    The cost of the courses, Pedagogy, Content, and Practicum is $5000 if the candidate is probationary certified during internship or $5600 if the candidate is intern certified during internship. Payment plans are available through the MCC business office.
  • How long does the program take to complete?
    The average time required to complete the program is one year to a year and a half.  Factors that influence the timeline include when you are ready to start a teaching position and when you pass your certification exams. 
  • Do you help to find jobs for your ATC students?
    Although we cannot guarantee a position with a school district, we do everything we can to assist a student in finding a teaching position. Our office informs students of teaching job openings, makes phone calls to principals and HR directors, participates in local job fairs to aid and assist our candidates and provides any additional assistance as needed.
  • I am already a certified teacher. Do I have to go through your certification program to get certified in another area?
    No, you may obtain additional certification(s) by examination.
  • Will my certification be accepted from or in another state?
    Most states outside Texas will require you to submit your certification credentials to their state agency for review and evaluations. In some cases, some additional courses, tests, etc., may be required.  If you need documentation to support your transfer of credentials out of state, contact the Program Director.
  • I am already a certified teacher in another state.  Do I need to complete a certification program in Texas if I am moving to the Waco area?
    It depends on how the Texas Education Agency evaluates your transcripts and certification.  If you are already fully certified in another state or another country, you should first visit the Out-of-State section of the TEA website to determine your status.  TEA will evaluate your certification and you may not have to go through any certification programs in Texas.  
  • How do I know if I should take a PACT test?
    You may register for a Pre-Admission Content Test if you have never been admitted to a certification program. You must pass the PACT test before admission if your GPA is below 2.75 and/or you lack the required 12-15 credit hours in the content area you wish to teach.
  • I am an undergraduate, working on a Bachelor's degree. What classes should I take to prepare me for the ATC program?
    This will depend on the content in which you are seeking certification. Each case and situation is unique to the candidate. Interested individuals should call our office and schedule a time to talk to our office staff. Students may apply and be accepted into the program during their last semester of undergraduate degree work, but we can meet with you any time during your college years.
  • Can I take classes online?
    The Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities course is offered online every semester (fall, spring, and summer). Internship and content courses are face-to-face.
  • When do I apply for probationary and/or standard certification?
    You will apply for a probationary or intern certificate when you have secured a teaching position with an accredited public/private school and meet the testing/coursework requirements for that certificate. You will apply for standard certification when you have completed the program by passing all required exams, taking both your pedagogy and content classes and successfully completing two semesters of internship. An additional semester(s) may be required if standard certification is not completed and the student is probationary certified while attempting to complete all the requirements for certification.
  • What is the difference between a probationary and an intern certificate?
    To qualify for an intern certificate, you must pass your content exam and complete some coursework before the school year begins. To qualify for a probationary certificate, you must pass both the content and pedagogy exams and complete some coursework before the school year begins. Because TEA program requirements are different for these two certificates, it costs more money to complete the program with an intern certificate than with a probationary certificate. You can teach a maximum of two years with a probationary certificate and one year with an intern certificate.
  • Will you help me prepare for my certification exams?
    Yes, we will absolutely help you prepare for your tests!  Our office has a Testing Specialist who will offer you practice exams and go through the questions with you during 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.  Call 254-299-8998 to schedule that.  We also offer 60 days of free access to 240Tutoring, an online study resource.  As an MCC student, you will have access to additional study materials from the MCC Library and from content tutors on the MCC campus (in person or over Zoom).
  • How do I register for my state mandated exams?
    You must contact program staff and request approval to test. After test approval is granted, you may go to the testing website at to register for the test.
  • What is the process of fingerprinting and the cost involved?
    If you have never been fingerprinted by a school district, follow the instructions on the TEA website when you apply for your initial teacher certificate. The cost is approximately $50. If you have already been fingerprinted by a school district, your prints should automatically transfer. If you have a criminal history, this could prevent you from getting a teacher certification or being hired by a school district. You have the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter from the Texas Education Agency. Reference TAC 249.16 for current rules.
  • Who do I use for my professional references before entering the MCC ATC Program?
    They need to be work-related professional references. Clergy recommendations and/or college professors are also acceptable. You may not use a family member or close friend to complete the professional reference form.
  • Is there Financial Aid for ATC students?
    In some cases financial aid may be available.  The Texas Workforce Commission has a WIOA (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act) program for some content areas in some counties.  There is also sometimes funding for military veterans and spouses - reach out to MCC's Financial Aid office at 254-299-8432 for more information about veterans funding for teacher certification.  Most other financial aid comes in the form of loans. Please contact program staff for more details. The TEA website provides information regarding Teacher Loan Forgiveness and some forms of Financial Aid.  You may also look into the College Access Loan (CAL Loan) or Sallie Mae Continuing Education Loans.
  • How do I set up a payment plan online?
    Access WebAdvisor. You will need to sign in using your initials and MCC ID Number. Your MCC ID Number is located on all of your statements. If you cannot locate it, please contact program staff.
    Click on the Students Link
    Click on the Make Payments Link
    Here you can choose whatever option you need (example: set up a payment plan, make payments on your balance, etc.)
  • When do I take Internship III? What is the purpose of an additional semester of Internship?
    Internship III is only required if a student is not standard certified after the two semesters of internship. The purpose of additional internship time is for our program to continue to support our interns while they complete requirements for standard certification. This is done by providing additional observation time and additional support as needed. Most students will not take Internship III.
  • What do I do if I receive an "I" in a course while in the ATC program?
    You need to check with your instructor and arrange ways to make up work that is not done which caused the "I" to be given. Incomplete grades must be changed by the end of the following semester the "I" was given or the grade turns to an "F".
  • How do I get my observation hours? How do I document them? What is acceptable and not?
    Up to 15 of the required 30 hours may be completed by video.  All observations must integrate the following: authentic classrooms in an accredited school setting, instruction by content certified teachers, actual students in classrooms with identity proof provisions, content or grade level specific classrooms, variable time length of observation and reflections of the observation. The observation requirement should encompass a variety of experiences to make a candidate "classroom ready." A written reflection should also be included. Candidates must document date, hours, location, activity and the signature of an administrator or teacher.  Documentation for these hours must be provided by the student to the Alternative Teacher Certification office to be kept in the student folder.
  • What is the procedure for dropping a class I have already signed up for?
    If you wish to drop a class you have already signed up for and the class has not yet begun, call (254) 299-8063 to withdraw from the class. If the class has begun, contact the Program Director at (254) 299-8067 and request to be dropped from the class.
  • Why is it necessary to meet with the Assistant Director for a preliminary meeting prior to entrance into the program?
    Every prospective student and situation is different. A complete review of your transcript is done, an individualized scenario is prepared showing progression of classes, internship, etc. Program cost, certificates, and testing requirements are also discussed. You may contact the Assistant Director at (254) 299-8061 to schedule an appointment.
  • Can I be accepted into the program prior to receiving my bachelor's degree?
    Yes, you can apply, be accepted to, and begin coursework/testing with the program during your last semester before you receive your bachelor's degree.
  • Is it possible for a student to complete the certification program by doing clinical/student teaching? If so, what are the requirements?
    Yes, it is possible to complete the certification program by doing clinical/student teaching. If a student has completed the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities class, completed their Content class and passed both PPR and Content state exams, then students may complete program requirements and meet criteria for a standard certification. The clinical/student program is a 14-week program and must be done in an accredited private, public or charter school which has been approved by the program.
  • Does the MCC's ATC program offer certification for Principals and/or Superintendent?
    No. The University Center at MCC offers these certifications. You may contact the University Center at (254) 299-8380 for information.