When the candidate has found a position as a teacher, MCC will continue to provide assistance and guidance throughout the first year of teaching in a Texas school. In order to qualify for Internship, the candidate must have completed a bachelor’s degree, taken at least one course, and passed the appropriate content examination for the teaching assignment. Over the course of a full school year, the candidate will work with the campus principal, an assigned school mentor, and the field supervisor. Candidates will also attend the monthly Internship classes at MCC. The internship class experience is designed to help the candidate by providing assistance and guidance while they are actually teaching.

McLennan Community College's Alternative Teacher Certification Program is a highly supervised experience for our candidates. Our field supervisors evaluate candidates at least 3 times, have pre- and post-conferences, and do informal consulting as needed. MCC pays a stipend for school mentors to assist candidates on a daily basis. The school mentor and teacher candidate observe each other monthly and meet for observation reflections and general advising. Observations are documented and turned in during Internship class. Field supervisors and school mentors conference with administrators in order to complete a year-end recommendation form for standard certification.