Band Scholarships

    • Band Scholarships are available to all full-time MCC students.
    • Students are eligible to receive tuition compensation of up to $1,380, or 12 credits, per semester.
    • The audition for wind and string instruments consists of performing two etudes and a chromatic scale from your lowest to highest note. One selection should demonstrate your technical facility, and the other selection should demonstrate your musical sensitivity and phrasing.
    • The audition for percussionists consists of performing a snare etude, and one of the following: a mallet or timpani etude.
    • Students must submit an application, and complete two recommendation forms.
    • This is a formal audition and must be scheduled in advance with Professor Jon Conrad, Director of Bands at 254-299-8220.
    • For more information, visit the McLennan Music Scholarships page.

Jon Conrad - Director of Bands • Office: BPAC 103 Phone: (254) 299-8220 • Email:
McLennan Bands Facebook