Minimum System Requirements

The following minimum hardware and software requirements are needed in order to reliably access your courses in Brightspace, MCC’s learning management system. Individual instructors may have additional requirements for their specific class or classes. Be sure to carefully check the instructor plan and/or syllabus.

Operating System Windows 8.1 or higher
Mac OSX 10.7 or higher
Processor 2.5 GHz or faster processor
Memory 4 GB or more of RAM
Monitor Resolution WXGA - 1600 X 900 or higher
Free Hard Drive Space 20 GB or more of disk space
Internet Connection Broadband connection with 4 Mbps connection or higher
Internet Browser Current version of Firefox or Chrome
Instructors may require Respondus Lockdown Browser
Camera and headset Required for some classes
Adobe Reader Current version of Adobe PDF Reader.
Click here to download the latest version.

Students are expected to maintain regular and reliable access to a computer with a stable broadband Internet connection. If your computer is older than 4 years old, it may not have the processing power to work with Brightspace or current versions of the required software.

All MCC campus computers are configured to use Brightspace and will have most of the software needed to complete your online coursework. If additional software is needed on an MCC lab computer, please contact the administrator of the lab for assistance.

If your computer is publicly accessed off campus or is loaned to you, you may be prohibited from downloading files or software. Keep this in mind because many instructors do require file downloads in their courses.

Notes About Mobile Devices

You do not need a special mobile app to access the Brightspace learning environment but one is available for download called Brightspace Pulse. Click here to link to the Android app. Click here to link to the iOS app. Please note that you very likely will NOT be able to complete an online course using only a mobile device. A laptop or desktop computer is almost always best. If you only have a mobile device, and you cannot come to MCC campus to use a lab computer, contact your instructor immediately to discuss your situation.

Notes About Antivirus and Antimalware Programs

It is highly recommended that you run an antivirus program on every computer that connects to the Internet or shares files with other computers. Thankfully there are some good choices of FREE antivirus and antimalware programs available. You should only install and run one program of each type. Conflicts and false positive reports can result with multiple installations, not to mention wasted system resources. Many antivirus programs now include an antimalware component, so read carefully before you install both types of programs.

Antivirus Mac Windows
Microsoft Security Essentials N/A Click Here
Avast! Free Click Here Click Here
AVG Free N/A Click Here
Antimalware Mac Windows
Malwarebytes N/A Click Here
Spybot Search and Destroy N/A Click Here

Reminder: You must update your antivirus and antimalware on a frequent and regular basis. Most of these programs will automatically update which is nice. Restarts after updates/upgrades maybe needed in some cases so do not postpone the restart.

Notes About Browsers

Some exams require that you use the Respondus Lockdown Browser and may possibly require a webcam for Respondus Monitor. This browser and a webcam are only needed for examinations. Download Lockdown Browser via the Quick Links menu on the right or the link found on the MCC Brightspace homepage. Each college or university has its own configuration for LockDown Browser so you must use the version at the link provided for use at MCC.

Brightspace is compatible with all modern browsers on all the most popular operating systems. We would recommend that you stick with either Chrome or Firefox on a desktop or laptop computer.