2022-25 Task Force

The Strategic Planning Task Force is a short-term group called by the Leadership Team (the President and Vice Presidents) to assist in the development of a new strategic plan for McLennan Community College.  The committee will manage the process of writing and revising the strategic plan to guide the College for the next three years.  This will include soliciting multiple inputs from the Leadership Team, the Board, faculty, staff, students, and community members and producing revised drafts as needed.  The committee will also review the College’s mission, values, goals, and performance indicators, as well as any other related items.  The end product of the Task Force is a draft of the three-year strategic plan presented to the Leadership Team and Board of Trustees for final approval before the July 2022 Board meeting.

Chair:  Dr.  Laura Wichman, Chief Research & Effectiveness Officer

Co-Chair: Tom Proctor, Director of Planning, Program Review Assessment


  • Londa Carriveau, Director, Educational Partnerships
  • Shelley Blackwood, Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Karen Clark, Director, Admissions & Recruitment
  • Claudette Jackson, Director, Accommodations & Title IX
  • Natalie James, Associate Director, Completion Center
  • Mario Leal, Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Becky Parker, Professor, Marketing
  • Brenda Price, Sr. Executive Assistant, Vice President of Instruction & Student Engagement
  • John Seawright, Associate Professor, Biology