English (ENGL)

The study of English takes many forms, from personal, expository, research, technical, business, and creative writing to the study of American, British, and world literatures and a wide range of literary topics, authors, and genres, including novels, short stories, drama, poetry, film studies, sci-fi, fantasy, children's literature, war and peace; regional literature such as the American Southwest or Canada; periods such as the medieval, Renaissance, or Romantic; or the work of Native, Spanish, or African Americans, and more.

English writing and literature courses are all designed to raise students' familiarity and fluency with the language. Composition, technical, and creative writing courses promote writing proficiency; literature courses fulfill associate's and bachelor's degree requirements while broadening students' understanding of the world’s cultures.

English faculty also sponsor Sigma Kappa Delta (a national English honor society) and The Stone Circle, a fall and spring publication of student writing and artwork.


Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) is offered with classes marked CAI and in other classes scheduled in Liberal Arts rooms 101, 102 and 110. CAI students get a head-start on writing papers and in conducting online research needed for many types of writing. Students should have basic keyboarding skills to enroll in CAI classes but will also have time to develop those skills during the semester.