MCC Microcredentials

What is a microcredential?

A microcredential is a certification that validates that a specific skill has been achieved. Microcredentials provide immediate value to the learner and are aligned with industry needs. 

Microcredentials are for all learners and provide a way to get relevant skills to enter, reskill or upskill in a career field. Microcredentials also are short and stackable.

Short Courses

Microcredentials are designed to be completed quickly.  Microcredentials at McLennan Community College are typically 3 to 14 semester credit hours or 80 – 360 continuing education hours. Some microcredentials can be earned within a week or in one semester.


Microcredentials can be used as building blocks to earn certificates or advanced degrees. Microcredentials may be combined with other learning experiences to meet the requirements of a certificate or degree or provide learners an entry point to a new career pathway. 

Employer Demand

Microcredentials are designed to meet current and emerging employer needs and are seen as valuable skills by employers that are aligned with the needs of the industry.


Microcredentials are designed to go with the learner. Once completed, microcredentials are documented on the learner’s transcript and follow the learner wherever they go.


Microcredentials provide quality learning opportunities. Learners who achieve the credential have undergone rigorous assessments to validate that they have the skills and confidence to perform.

Learn more about MCC’s current microcredentials:

Patient Care Technician

Certified Logistics Technician

Certified Production Technician

Check back for more microcredentials being added all the time!

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