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Students are eligible to apply for the First Generation program if they meet the following criteria:

  • Senior in high school or recently completed GED
  • Cumulative high school grade of 3.0 gpa (80) or higher OR passing scores on each section of the GED or GED equivalent
  • Neither parent or guardian has an associate degree

How to Apply

Students can apply by completing the McLennan Community College Foundation Scholarship application and providing all supporting documentation required. The application is available Oct. 1-Jan. 15 for the following academic year. Please read the scholarship application instructions thoroughly to ensure all items are submitted by the appropriate deadlines and to the appropriate location. Official transcripts are also required.

Decision Process

Approximately 25 scholarship applicants are chosen for an interview and of those finalists 12-15 students will be chosen as scholarship recipients. Students are selected based on potential for success in college based on high school grades and placement test scores. Scholarship recipients will be notified each year in late March/early April.