Application Process

Prior to admission into the Respiratory Care Technology Program, all applicants must be admitted to McLennan Community College.

Please note: You must be 18 years of age prior to beginning clinic.

1. Admission to the College

All Respiratory Care program applicants must complete the process for admission to the college.

2. Admission to the Respiratory Care Technology Program

All Respiratory Care Program applicants must submit

  • A completed application for the Respiratory Care Technology Program to the Program Director (for more information call Donna Mendoza @ 254-299-8426).
  • Submit college transcripts from colleges other than MCC.

Minimum requirements for admission:

  • By the application deadline (October 30) — completed or enrolled in the prerequisite courses. Achieve at least a C in each of the prerequisites with an overall grade point average in the prerequisite courses of 2.75. All of the prerequisite courses must be completed for admission to the program.
  • By the application deadline (October 30) be TSI complete in reading, writing, and math. 
  • All applications for the Respiratory Care Technology Program will be reviewed by the Program Admissions Committee according to admission criteria. Applicants will be ranked according to a points system. Current admission criteria may be obtained by contacting the program director (254-299-8426).
  • Meeting the minimum admission criteria does not guarantee admission to the program.

Respiratory Care Technology Application

Respiratory Care Technology Program applications will not be accepted or considered complete until ALL of the above steps are completed.