Academic Advising

The faculty of the Mental Health/Social Work Department does all of the advising for Mental Health  and Transfer Social Work students.  We can answer your questions about the three Mental Health AAS degrees.  We can also answer your questions about what is required to transfer to a university in Texas to complete your BSW degree. 

Before meeting with us for the first time, we encourage you to watch our Pre-Advising video.  This will answer many of the questions that you will have about Mental Health and Social Work.

Click here to watch our Pre-Advising Video

We do all academic advising on Zoom.  This gives you the flexibility of meeting with us from home or work.  You also do not have to spend extra time or gas driving to campus to meet with us in-person.  Our advising schedule includes days/times we are available as well as our individual Zoom links.

 Click here for our current advising schedule