Bachelor Degree Options

Students may also pursue a bachelor's degree in two areas:

Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (BSW)

The State of Texas created the Associate of Arts - Field of Study in Social Work for students who begin their education at a two-year college and then transfer to a four-year public university in Texas. This transfer degree includes all of the general education/core courses as well as the required Social Work courses. Students who are accepted at a four-year public university in Texas can then complete their last two years taking their upper-level Social Work classes to earn their BSW.  Students have the choice of earning their BSW by taking all of their classes in-person or online.

Tarleton State University offers an opportunity for McLennan students to earn their Bachelor in Social Work degree in Waco. Courses are taught on the McLennan campus. Students wanting to pursue this degree receive academic advising through the Mental Health/Social Work Department at McLennan before transferring to Tarleton.

Students may also transfer to other public universities in Texas who offer the Bachelor in Social Work. The Mental Health/Social Work Department has transfer agreements with the Social Work Programs at Angelo State University and the University of Texas at Arlington.  These agreements allow students to transfer specific MCC Mental Health courses to their BSW degree plan.  These two programs also offer a fully online degree plan.  Your Mental Health/Social Work advisor can help you look at these options.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science - Psychology Emphasis (BSAS)

Tarleton State University offers the BSAS with a Psychology concentration. Students can complete their degree in several broad areas of Psychology. Upper-level coursework can all be completed online. Up to 36 hours of Mental Health/Social Work courses will transfer to this degree. See your Mental Health/Social Work advisor for help in selecting courses.

If you plan to get your bachelor's degree in the future, your first step is to take classes at McLennan that will directly transfer into your four-year degree plan. Your Mental Health/Social Work advisor can help you select the right classes each semester.

For More Information

To get started, contact Mental Health/Social Work Department Program Director David Fleuriet on Zoom at 953 226 028 or or 254.299.8718