Peer Mentors

How can students get involved?

MCC is currently seeking mature, successful students to serve as peer mentors who will guide new students through their first-year experience. Peer mentors can earn $1,500 per semester (funded through the Title V grant).

FAQs on Peer Mentorship

  • Will we be required to complete the 10 hours a week?

    It depends on the activities for the week. There will be weeks when you will work 10 hours, and other weeks when you may work less. 

    For example, we would love for the peer mentors to attend some classes (not all, necessarily) with their mentee. Mentors may have weekly meetings (that may be after p.m., if it works best for your schedule). Other times, mentors may have monthly gatherings like going to an escape room, grabbing dinner or lunch, movie nights, and other fun events. All of these extra events will be after 5 p.m., and depending on the week, you may have more to do than other mentors. 

  • Will we be asked to attend classes?

    Yes. The class you will attend will depend on your availability.

  • What does a mentor do?

    Basically, mentors will develop a  friendship with a new student and help them transition into college. For example, mentors may give advice on places they love to visit in Waco, the do’s and don'ts of college, things you wish you knew when you came to MCC, and other helpful information you can share to help a new student.

  • How do students apply?

    Please fill out this mentor interest form if you would be willing to help guide MCC’s new students as they transition into college.