Grant Information


MCC RISE Logo with Chevrons in front and rising mountains in back

RISE seeks to cultivate student success and persistence while at McLennan Community College. The program is designed to create enriching opportunities that foster resilience, a sense of belonging, and unique academic experiences.

The objective of this program is to help students 25 and older to overcome academic adversity through meaningful relationships with their mentors and cohorts.

Grant Components

  1. Cultivate academic cohorts among adult students age 25+
  2. Enhance Faculty classroom best practices (online & on campus) training
  3. Building faculty/Staff mentoring among 25+ to improve academic success through course completion, credit accumulation, transfer & graduate rates. 

Student Opportunities

  1. Students will be assigned a cohort and mentor based on their academic pathway. 
  2. Students will attend workshops and events, learning life and academic skills. 
  3. Students will maintain a reflection journal at the direction of the Title V Success coach.
  4. Students may be eligible for a monthly stipend. 

Federal Funding Disclosure
The percentage of funding for the Title V grant: Cultivating Student Success and Persistence with Growth Mindset Intervention from the United States Federal Government is 100%. The dollar amount of funding for the grant given by the Federal Government is $2,660,977 and the total percentage and dollar amount of the project's total costs financed by non-government sources are currently 0$ and 0%.