Student Organizations | Clubes

Student Engagement offers organizations to fit a variety of interests. Social, program-related, cultural, and honor societies are just a few examples of the types of organizations you will find. Even if you don't find what you are looking for with our existing organizations, starting your own organization is encouraged!

  • Special interest organizations (social and cultural) are open to all students with the exception of those listed in italics, where students must meet the minimum requirements to join.
  • Workforce organizations (program-related) are open to students who are enrolled in the related program of study.
  • Honor Societies such as Phi Theta Kappa do have GPA and other requirements and usually gain members through invitation.

Feel free to contact the organization for meeting and event times or more information on getting involved.

Where you see an (I), the organization has opted for inactive status. If you are interested in restarting an inactive organization, reach out to! 

MCC Special Interest Organizations
Organization Name Advisor Phone E-mail
(I) Agriculture Club Mary Sides 299-8164
Baptist Student Ministry Sharon Smith 299-8128
Black Student Association Starlen Roddy 299-8239
Blank Canvas Katie Vise 299-8122
Biology Club John Seawright 299-8185
Climate Action Student Association (CASA) Ruben Salazar 299-8616
(I) Engineering and Physics Club at MCC April Andreas 299-8130
  Benard Smith 299-8196
Gender and Sexualities Alliance Kathleen Laundy  299-8191 
Hispanic Student Association Ruben Salazar 299-8616
Elizabeth Garcia 299-8581
(I) MCC Young Democrats Melody Flowers 299-8943
(I) Music Student Association Bonnie Sneed 299-8275
Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society) Annette Bigham 299-8690
  Bill Lockhart 299-8930
Sigma Kappa Delta (English Honor Society) Reid Makowsky 299-8908
(I) Student Veterans of America (SVA) Lawrence Brooks 299-8388
  Cynthia Wagner 299-8524
The Highlander Student Assembly Joe Hinojosa 299-8444
TRIO Student Association Laura Crapps 299-8451

Workforce Organizations listed below are open to students majoring in the respective Workforce programs.

Workforce program organizations
Organization Name Advisor Phone E-mail
(I) Medical Assistant Student Association of McLennan Community College David Choate 299-8262
MCC Student Radiologic Technology Association Meredith Brown 299-8342
  Stacy Reeves 299-8526
Medical Laboratory Technology Student Association (MLTSA) Alissa Petree 299-8406
  Samantha Dove
Physical Therapy Association Stacy Fancher 299-8526
  Heather Davis 299-8715
Rho Kappa Pi (Respiratory) Donna Mendoza 299-8426
  Marighny Dutton 299-8132
(I) Sigma Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice) Jarred Hankhouse 299-6523
  Suzanne Baldon 299-6505
Student Association of Veterinary Technology Sue Allen 299-8742
Student Nurses Association Samantha Buerger 299-8355 
Angela Mathis 299-8405 
Surgical Technology Student Organization Marcie Rierson 299-8292
  Felicia Howard 299-8301