F. Human Resources

  1. I.Benefits
    1. a.Employee Scholarship Policy
      1. 1.Administrative Interpretation and Procedures for Employee Scholarship Policy
    2. b.Holiday Policy for Regular Employees
    3. c.Wellness Benefit Policy
    4. d.Leaves of Absences
      1. 1.Sabbatical
      2. 2.Leave of Absence for Military Training and Duty
      3. 3.Non-Compensated Leave of Absence
        1. a.Administrative Guidelines for Non-Compensated Leave of Absence Policy
      4. 4.Personal Business Leave
        1. a.Administrative Guidelines for Personal Business Leave Policy
      5. 5.Sick Leave Policy
      6. 6.Vacation Policy
      7. 7.Family and Medical Leave
      8. 8.Guidelines for Time Off for Inclement Weather
      9. 9.Catastrophic Injury or Illness Fund
      10. 10.Guidelines for Time Off for Children's Educational Activities
    5. e.Optional Retirement Program
    6. f.Optional Retirement Program and Teacher Retirement System: Administrative Guidelines
    7. g.Tax-Sheltered Annuity Program
    8. h.Retirement Plan For New and Part-Time Employees not Currently Eligible for TRS or ORP
    9. i.Faculty Pre-Retirement Program
  2. II.Classified
    1. a.Compensation
      1. 1.Compensation for Overtime Work for Non-Exempt Personnel
      2. 2.Salary Schedule for Support Staff
    2. b.Compensation Plan and Employment Process
  3. III.Faculty
    1. a.Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure
    2. b.Compensation
      1. 1.Compensation Schedule for Administration of Departmental Examinations for Credit
      2. 2.Continuing Education Faculty Salaries
      3. 3.Compensation to Regular Faculty for Overload Assignments
      4. 4.Pay for Substitute Teachers
      5. 5.Faculty Salary Schedule
        1. Full-time Faculty Salary Schedule
    3. c.Employment of Faculty for Extra Classes
    4. d.Professional Development Program
      1. 1.Professional Training
    5. e.Teaching Loads for Instructional Personnel
  4. IV.Administrative/Professional Staff
    1. a.Salary Schedule for Administrative and Professional Staff
  5. V.General
    1. a.Absence Report, Contract Employees
      1. Absence Report Form
    2. b.Consensual Relationships Policy
    3. c.Non-Faculty Investigation Proceduresl
    4. d.Employment
      1. 1.Authority to Sign Contracts of Employment
      2. 2.Personnel Employment Procedures
      3. 3.Employment (Professional): Renewal and Non-Renewal of Contracts
      4. 4.Employment of Temporary Full-Time and Part-Time Personnel
      5. 5.Employment of Relatives: Nepotism
      6. 6.Background Investigations
    5. e.Administrative & Support Staff Advisory Committees
    6. f.Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
    7. g.Federal Withholding Tax (Applicability)
    8. h.Employee Grievance Procedure
    9. i.Employment of Foreign Nationals
    10. j.Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability
    11. k.Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Sex
      1. 1.
    12. l.Retirement
      1. 1.Retirees: Privileges of MCC Retirees
      2. 2.Retirement Policy
    13. m.Termination Policy: Employee
    14. n.Internal Transfers and Reassignments
    15. o.Employment Requirements and Restrictions Physical Examinations and Communicable Diseases
    16. p.College Ethics Policy
    17. q.Keys/Highlander One/Campus Card Access Policy
    18. r.Highlander Day (Casual Friday Attire Day)
    19. s.Discrimination Resolution Process (DRP)
      1. 1.The Discrimination Resolution Process Policy Guide