Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Administrative Systems Services has established a process for managing the lifecycle of changes to Colleague ERP (in the production environment) using consistent procedures.

These procedures include: planning and documenting, risk assessment, review, and approval by a Change Advisory Board (CAB). This process minimizes risks, when making changes to systems and services, and protects the campus community and service provider.

Make a Change Request

The preferred method, to make a Colleague change request, is to to submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

Types of Change Requests

All changes to Colleague will be ranked into change categories and are defined below.

  • Standard – Low risk change that takes less than 16 hours of work and does not require CAB approval. Examples are cosmetic changes.
  • Normal – A change with medium or high risk that takes more than 16 hours and requires prioritization and approval by/from the CAB.
  • Major – A very-high-risk change that requires an impact study plus CAB and management approval.
  • Emergency – A time-sensitive, high-risk change, typically triggered by a critical event and uses an emergency CAB to increase approval speed.

Changes that are normal, major, or emergency require approval from the CAB, regardless of the risk. Risk must be determined for all changes to Colleague.

Risk Matrix for Change

The Risk Matrix for Change will be used to assess the risk of a change to Colleague. The table, below, measures the risk of change on a scale from 1-5 (1 = low risk; 5 = high risk), based on probability and impact.

  • Probability – measures the likelihood of something unplanned happening by a change.
  • Impact – measures how many people/services could be impacted by a change failing.
For example, if staff have no experience making the change, the chances of something unplanned happening increases (high risk).

Risk Matrix for Change

Table to show the risk matrix for change based on probability and impact of change, on a scale from 1-5 (1=low risk; 5=high risk)
Risk Matrix for Change Probability Low Probability Medium Probability High
Impact High 3 4 5
Impact Medium 2 3 4
Impact Low 1 2 3

CAB Process

  1. The need for a change is identified by the Stakeholder or by campus members who submit change requests that require CAB approval.
  2. A ticket is created using the Help Desk ticketing system for the requested change
  3. Administrative Systems Services will assign the ticket to an analyst to determine the level of effort needed to complete the requested change.
  4. The CAB meets monthly to review change requests. The CAB may approve, return for additional information or cancel a change request.
  5. Once the change request is approved, the change is implemented based on the approved schedule. The stakeholders representing the change will be responsible for communicating with affected campus members.
  6. Change requests go through a Post Implementation Review before being closed.

CAB Committee Charge

Last updated: 3/12/2024