MARCOM has thousands of high-quality images of the MCC campus, students and programs, faculty and staff, and stock photos that are available for use in marketing materials. If the requesting department or program would like to use a photo that was not provided through MARCOM, the photo must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi) with interesting content that is bright and clear. You may submit photos for approval to MARCOM by emailing

To make a request for photos, complete the Photo Request form. All requests for photography must be received at least 48 hours in advance during normal business hours in order to guarantee the availability of photographic resources. Failure to provide proper notice could result in an inability to schedule a photographer. 

In general, MARCOM will offer a staff member to College-related events when the event has news impact for the College or if the event offers significant support to the marketing plan or other strategic initiatives. 

If a staff photographer is not available, MARCOM has several "point-and-shoot" cameras for loan to faculty and staff members. Also, smartphone photos are usually sufficient for the quality and resolution needed. 

MARCOM uses PhotoShelter to give MCC employees direct access to a library of MCC photos. Employees may request access to PhotoShelter by emailing

Photo/Video Release Agreement

MCC uses photographs, audio, and/or video recordings of employees and students for educational, publicity, and student recruitment purposes on behalf of the College. These assets may be used on the web, in print publication, and other media including advertisments. Should an employee or student (or the parents or guardians of such persons under the age of 18) NOT want to be photographed or recorded, or have his/her name or "directory" information used in connection with any such recording or image, that person must notify the college in writing. For more information, contact  

MCC require that all students and community members fill out and submit a photo/video release for the purpose of participating in MARCOM's photo shoots:

Online photo/video release form

Printable photo/video release form

Releases are not required when photographing people in public places, such as walking across campus or attending an MCC commencement ceremony. Individuals who do not want MCC to use video images or photos of them are responsible for removing themselves from areas in which photography and/or recording is taking place, or notifying the camera operator of their opt-out status. Failure to do so may result in that individual’s inclusion in a photograph or recording and will be treated as consent for the college to utilize that photograph or recording accordingly.

If subjects are prominent in an image that is shot at a public space or event, and it is anticipated that the photographs will be used in a highly conspicuous way (such as the cover of a publication or on a prominent web page), then it is advisable and courteous to obtain a signed release from these subjects when possible.

For more information about photography at MCC, please contact Jennifer Norman at or ext. 8721.