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Compliance Information

Compliance Guide for Non-Discrimination Statements

Flyer or Posting Approval

MCC’s Marketing & Communications (MARCOM) department has developed a set guidelines regarding flyers on the MCC Campus to assist in the posting of flyers around campus. These guidelines are intended to:

  • Keep the College's buildings clean and in good condition
  • Ensure consistency with Campus standards for publications
  • Comply with relevant College policies and procedures


MARCOM provides banners, display materials, and table covers that may be used for MCC events. To borrow these materials, contact Lisa Elliott at or by phone at 254-299-8640.

Logo and Graphic Standards

While each department and program at MCC is distinctive, each part is also a piece of the College as a whole. Many readers who start with one publication from the College, also receive or view other publications from the College. If each department or program produces a publication with its own look and style — with no similarities to other campus publications — then it becomes hard for readers to associate the publication with MCC. This association is important because the College as a whole benefits from the success of each of its parts and vice versa. For more information about the importance of established branding styles and aesthetics, read this article

For this reason, MARCOM has developed the MCC Style Guide to assist programs and departments with the graphic standards and writing styles used by MCC as a whole. For more information, please see our latest writing style guide, design style guide, or email MARCOM

News Release and Public Service Announcements

MARCOM prepares and distributes news/press releases each week to local news media. If you would like to submit a news item to MARCOM for review, please fill out the project request form.

Promotional/Giveaway Items

MARCOM stocks a variety of inexpensive items for employees to offer prospective students at events or fairs. To purchase promotional items, please view our list of current inventory and contact Lisa Elliott at Please include the number and type of item you would like from the list. Also, provide an MCC account number to charge the items. 


Guidelines for Email Communications 


MCC’s website is an important source of information for current, new, and potential students as well as their parents and the general public. MARCOM can help with the organization, content, and graphics of your microsite or page. Please submit a Website Change Request Form to get started.

For more information, contact MARCOM at


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