Terms and Conditions


Registration for courses at McLennan Community College creates a financial obligation to the College for tuition, fees, and other charges incurred by you. Tuition, fees, and any other charges are added to your student account and are considered a loan for educational purposes. Acknowledging the following terms and conditions will complete your registration.  New regulations require your acknowledgment and failure to acknowledge and submit your agreement could result in your courses being dropped.

I acknowledge my financial obligation to McLennan Community College for the course/courses for which I have enrolled and if I decide not to attend classes, I understand it is my responsibility to drop my classes according to the Highlander Guide.

NOTE: Dropping courses or withdrawing from MCC does not relieve a student of their financial obligation to the college for any unpaid charges (including financial aid adjustments) incurred for the related semester or term. MCC will submit for collection any delinquent balance and an additional fee will be added to the balance for collection charges

According to the Highlander Guide, my failure to make payment of tuition, fees or any other incidental charges by the due date will prohibit me from:

  • registering for classes in the current term
  • receiving credit for work completed during a semester
  • receiving a transcript that I have requested
  • enrolling in future terms

Although MCC accepts payment via student financial aid and third-party sponsorship; I understand the responsibility for payment remains with me. If financial aid is not granted, withdrawn or if third-party sponsors do not pay as invoiced, I will be required to make payment. If I am receiving financial aid or a third party sponsorship and I drop after the semester begins, I understand I will be responsible for any balance if financial aid or the third-party sponsorship is withdrawn.

Payments may be made online at www.mclennan.edu, by mail or in the Business Office on campus. Payment methods and refund policies listed in the MCC General Catalog. If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions, please call the Business Office at 254-299-8627.