Courses & Class Schedules

Degree Plan

The ADN degree plan consists of 7 academic courses, 14 nursing courses, and 2 optional nursing courses. Academic courses may be taken before admission to the program. 

Academic courses not taken prior to admission to the nursing program must be taken in sequence with the nursing courses.

Level 1

  • RNSG 1216
  • RNSG 1128
  • RNSG 1125
  • RNSG 1161
  • RNSG 1430
  • BIOL 2402

Level 2

  • RNSG 1533
  • RNSG 2362
  • RNSG 1126
  • BIOL 2420

Level 3

  • RNSG 1538
  • RNSG 1137
  • RNSG 2363
  • PSYC 2314
Optional summer courses for LVN licensure
  • VNSG 1119
  • RNSG 2161

Level 4

  • RNSG 2138
  • RNSG 2360
  • RNSG 2539
  • Humanities (college-level 3 semester hour course)

Class Time and Suggested Study Hours

Due to inter-relationship of nursing courses taught each semester, if a withdrawal from one nursing course is necessary, the student must withdraw from all nursing courses.

A student with a failure in a nursing course who is granted re-admission to that semester will take all the courses for that specific semester even if they were successful in one or more courses for that semester previously. Each semesters' nursing courses are concurrent courses. At no time may a student take only the theory course(s) or clinical course(s).

Spring and Fall Semesters

Theory and Skills Lab 20 hours/week
Clinical8 to 12 hours/week average
Study time*15-20 hours/week
Total time45-52 hrs/wk

Plus: Skills practice, computer assignments and clinical assignments will require additional time depending on individual needs.

*Study hours will vary from student to student

Class Schedules

Fall and spring semester theory classes occur during the day time. Clinical times may be TBA. Times may vary and may include day, evening, nights, and weekends, depending on availability of clinical sites and simulation lab. Students will receive a schedule the first week of class or at the earliest possible time.