Professional & Organizational Development

The descriptions below are of POD classes that have been created and/or previously offered. Please check WebAdvisor to view which classes are currently available for registration. For instructions on how to register, please click on POD Registration Instructions in the menu to the right.


Blackboard 101 — Introduction to Blackboard
  • A two-hour workshop that introduces faculty to the features and tools available in Blackboard. This workshop may be taken in a face to face or online format. This training will replace the current Blackboard for Supplemental workshop.
EOI — Level I (One step-credit available - $45)
Prerequisite: Blackboard 101, Blackboard for Supplemental, or knowledge of Blackboard.
  • A six-week course for faculty interested in teaching distance education courses. Faculty who have not already taken EOI may now take EOI Level I to qualify to teach hybrid or Internet courses. This course will be offered in a hybrid format that will include three face to face meetings along with an online component.


Budget & Purchasing Procedure
  • This class will provide an overview of budget and purchasing policy including appropriate travel and purchasing card procedures, as well as budget reports. Budget heads are highly recommended to attend.
Employment Laws
  • Judy Osborn, J.D., discusses Employment Laws: What You Need to Know to Effectively Supervise & Why You Should Care. Every supervisor needs a working knowledge of the federal and state laws that relate to hiring, managing, evaluating, terminating, and paying employees. The presentation focuses on real situations to illustrate how the laws can impact a supervisor's decisions. Also, learn about the importance of consistency, documentation and effective performance appraisals.