Advising & Registration

Taking the correct classes in the correct order is crucial to success in engineering, and we want to help you stay on track!

Before you can register for classes at MCC, you must complete the admissions process. MCC has provided a handy list to Become a Student. Once you have completed Steps 1-5 and the online orientation, you're ready to be advised and start selecting classes.

Please note: The Engineering Department cannot provide advising until Steps 1-5 are complete.

During the summer, most of our advising is done over email and phone. To facilitate the process, we ask that you complete the steps below.

  1. Email for advising.
  2. Follow the directions here to add specific classes to the upcoming semesters.
  3. You can't register unless your classes have been approved by an advisor
    • If your classes already have a green "thumbs-up" next to them, they're approved, and you can can register for them.
    • If your classes haven't been approved, click "Request Review" and email to specifically request approval
  4. While you're waiting, make sure you've signed the Terms & Conditions for the Summer and Fall semesters.
    • Log onto
    • Click Students
    • In the right-hand column, under Registration, click Terms & Conditions.
    • Agree to the Terms & Conditions for the upcoming semesters.
  5. Once your classes are approved, be sure you actually registered for the classes - otherwise you may lose your spot. Having approval for classes is not the same as being registered for them.

As a general rule, the most important courses to take early in an engineering degree plan are the math courses. Whether you're starting in Basic Mathematics or are ready for Calculus 1, you should be taking a math class every semester until you have completed Differential Equations.

Certain math, science, and engineering courses are offered only during certain semesters. The chart below should be used for planning purposes; although, actual course offerings may vary based on enrollment and other factors. Summer course offerings are less reliable.

Fall Only Spring Only Fall & Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
ENGR 2406 ENGR 1307 All dev. Math All dev. Math All dev. Math
ENGR 2308 (blended) ENGR 2304 (face-to-face and blended options) All Precal, Trig & Calculus courses Precal, Trig and Calculus 1 & 2 Precal, Trig and Calculus 2 & 3
ENGR 2301 ENGR 2308 (travel-based) ENGR 1201 CHEM 1411 CHEM 1412
ENGR 2304 (blended) ENGR 2302 ENGR 1304 ENGR 2308 (online)
PHYS 2426 ENGR 2332 CHEM 1411    
MATH 2305 ENGR 2105 & 2305 CHEM 1409    
MATH 2318 PHYS 2425      
MATH 2320 (online) MATH 2320