Admission Class Statistics

"While we would absolutely love to admit each and every person who has the desire to be admitted to our MCC nursing programs, we realize that this is not possible, given limitations of space, faculty and clinical sites. Likewise, and more importantly, your success is paramount to us, therefore, we want to offer some information about the competition of applicants you face as well as suggestions to improve your chances of being successful with your chosen career."

There were 20 applicants who met the minimum admission criteria for class beginning in SPRING 2020. The applicants that were admitted into the V.N. nursing program had points ranging from 49-25. Those admitted to the V.N. nursing program possessed GPA’s ranging from 4.00 to 2.41, but again, admission was based on points not strictly GPA.

Please review the Licensed Vocational Nursing website for the latest information and point system explanation.